Multi-Fruit trailer

Multi-Fruit trailer
This is a nice Multi-Fruit trailer. This trailer have Bel.3.1 script, plane, is washable and has nice dust-tracks.

Loadable Fruits are:
Standard+ Chaff, Grass, Dung, Sunflower, Sugarbeet, Potato, Cotton, Soybean, Greenwheat, Oat, Rye, Sand.

I’ve made completly new planes for load and discharge, and the trailer gets very, very dirty after a while.
But no worry it’s washable ;-)

The log is clean, except the showing of not existing fruits on your map, which is normal.

GeriG,Big Farmer
Sven777b Bel 3.1
Modschmiede / LS-Modsource
– @author Manuel Leithner washable
LS.09- daniel11 + LS.11- mario666
Ifko..Dust mapsource,planes,washable,lights